Watching O’Reilly last night when Geraldo (hard to overlook the vision of some white supremacist psycho throwing a chair at his nose) said he started crying twice during the day while watching the voters. He said it was a feeling he couldn’t explain.

I am so thrilled for the people of this Country – a feeling I can’t explain, as myself & the world watches their new nation unfold. Maybe they will soon feel safe enough to turn in every last bad guy. They obviously felt they HAD to vote.

I stood in East Berlin the week Checkpoint Charlie was abolished & felt the lift of oppression from all the entrepreneur’s selling their chachkis in the streets & the people throughout the country. An amazing feeling.

When I stood in Buchenwald Concentration Camp, (the only one that had not been disturbed or rebuilt) feelings that I can’t explain overwhelmed me. I just stood and cried endlessly
(I never cry).

I’ve read that a Mother’s instinct can detect a pedophile. They can feel their hair stand up on their back. This is a phenomenon that can’t be reproduced in a lab setting.

Hooah to all the Iraqi people! I feel elated for them!

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