MilBlog Conference

The live bloggers did a great job today (thank goodness we got to kick back & just laugh at the on-screen comments like we did (Col Hunt throwing a few back at lunch – LOL) and pick our noses while we got screen shots of ourselves occasionaly for the world to see. Since we were too damn lazy (nor asked) to live-blog – you can get all the 411 from the conference by going to the live blog sites. Imagine, all this and you didn’t have to get your fat ass off the couch and get on an airplane to feel like you were here with us! Trust me, we absorbed enough information today that we are pretty sure our brains are fried (or were they before it). Don’t worry mom, I haven’t been drinking like a fish, but have been a respectable DC tourist.

Here’s a few of the bloggers Silke and myself met today…Kit & Heidi from Euphoric Reality, La Shawn, Gunn Nutt, Two Babes and a Brain, and Holly Aho.

You know we have a lot more to say and pictures to share. Sooooooo….you’ll have to come back after this conference teaser! If you look real hard at the conference pictures, you might actually get to see JP!

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One Response to MilBlog Conference

  1. Crazy Politico April 23, 2006 at 4:06 pm #

    “haven’t been drinking like a fish”… guess that means you didn’t do the pub crawl either 🙂

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