I just watched Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth. The best part was this little clip…

Overall, I found the movie pretty convincing though (as with anything) I would recommend you do your own research on the subject.

For instance, here are a few things we do know:
1. The surface temperature of the earth is warming and the trend has increased significantly in the last 30 years
2. Concentration of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, have increased substantially since the beginning of the industrial revolution
3. The National Academy of Sciences indicate that the increase is due in large part to human activity.
4. The United States is the world’s largest emitter of manmade greenhouse gases (almost 20%)

I think it’s important we (the U.S.) recognize the responsibility to reduce our emissions.

5 Responses to “Global Warming or: None Like It Hot!”

  • The Earth has gone through cycles of hot and cold many times. In the ’70s they were predicting Global Cooling. Al Gore is just trying to scare his way into the White House. People who hate our freedom to drive push ‘global warming.’ The earth is warming, but not due to Man. Science cured polio, it’ll cure this. Even if it’s true, so what? We just need more air conditioners is all.

  • You know, it’s sad that rather than have an actual discussion about a subject you fell it necessary to belittle people and their views with comments like that.

  • Chris,

    I don’t think Silke belittled anybody. If you mean MY words — what’s belittling about them?

  • DAMN – why I am buried under 10″ of snow plus ice in OK??? Maybe the meth labs are reversing Global Warming???

  • At least Greta we know that YOU are joking when using short-term conditions to address a decades-long phenomenon.


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