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Brought to you Early this week, due to the fact that there's a Winter Storm Watch in my area, and I have a feeling once I get to work tonight, I might not be home till Friday or Saturday,lol. Sheesh....enough Winter already, come on,Spring!!

Last week's 'surf' was short and sweet, This week I have Tons of interesting posts by and about Soldiers Angels to pass on.

The biggest news, of course, is 700 soldiers in need of adoption! and Angels are spreading the word about that(like right here on Hooah Wife)and also here and here and , here (and,lol, kudos to Beth at that last link, for throwing a little music in with that plea,perfect song to pick! :)

Willie in Germany featured Soldiers Angels in the News , great round-up!

Members of Soldiers Angels, among others, helped wish troops from PA

Tears,pride,and Godspeed

Soldiers Angels Network had, among many other posts (and thank you, Shelle, for featuring my post about the Living Legends Team!) This interesting post and This post,about yet another amazing member of Soldiers Angels.

(and I'm going to leave Soldiers Angels Network as my Featured Blog for another week,because y'all should be checking them out!IMHO :)

One of the Upcoming Events that Soldiers Angels Louisiana lists is the Soldiers Angels Conference in California Feb. 21-23. Holly Aho lets us know that we can Listen to key Soldiers Angels Leadership on Feb.23 via Talking with Heroes

Laurie at Soldiers Angels New York had an important Milestone this past week,Congratulations! Laurie :) and, she also reminds us that the Gulf Coast Still Struggles

Going back to Greta in Louisiana, she posts about a fallen Army hero Fort Polk Mourns the Loss of a Hero , Rest in Peace, Pvt. Michael Fremer.

And she also posts about the Big Easy Cafe in Iraq

Aunty Brat over at Tanker Brothers posted about a visit to a VA hospital, check out the video at B*N*S*N Extra!

Stacy at Keep My Soldier Safe A/K/A G.R.I.T.S. had posted about Lex ,whom many of you may have heard of, back here in January. And she posts the follow-up, about attending the ceremony where Lex received the honorary Purple Heart, here

I'm Speechless

(with a link to a beautiful video, but you will need to take tissues to watch.)

Lastly, as always, Life in the Northeast reminds us of Fallen Heroes with Remember

That's the 'surf' for this week, and now I'm off to see if that 80% chance of precipitation shows up, and I get to spend lots of extra time at work! Stay warm,everyone!

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