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With the new Star Trek movie coming out next year, there is bound to be a few news stories that I, as a fan, will want to talk about. So this post will be the central hub for all the Star Trek movie news on this site.

:July 18:
Official Posters

Been a while since there’s been any news worth talking about. has four posters up that will be available at Comic Con next week that feature Kirk, Spock, Uhura and the villain in the movie, Nero. When all four posters are put together you get the following image.

Zachary Quinto could be Leonard Nemoy’s son he looks so much like him. There’s just one thing he should do. Squint more. If you look a pictures of Nimoy as Spock, his eyes aren’t as wide as Quinto’s. You can go here to see larger images of the posters.

:February 14:
Star Trek has been pushed back to May 2009. Sorry Greta. Another whole year of Trek news. But this is crappy news. I was looking forward to this movie and now I have to wait more than a year. Damn.

:January 21:

The official trailer. Sends chills up my spine every time I see it. All it is is the Enterprise under construction, but it’s still awesome. When Nimoy comes one a says “Space, the final frontier” and the USS Enterprise comes into view on the saucer section and the music hits, *shivers*. This shows the Enterprise in a scale that’s never been seen before. Massive. We’ve seen the actors walking on the outside of it in various episodes and movies but it’s never looked this good. Except maybe the NX-01.

:January 17:
It’s been quite a while since there’s been any news worth talking about for Trek, but some has finally come out.

The official site for the new Star Trek movie has launched. It’s still under construction, so there’s nothing there. But check out that new Starfleet insignia. Nice.

AOL has the first image of the Enterprise under construction up on their Moviefone site. Be sure to check out the larger image. I’m getting more and more excited about this movie.

:November 19:
English actor Ben Cross has been cast to play Spock’s father, Sarek. I’ve never seen him in anything, but he looks like he might be a good fit.

:November 15: has the first pictures of Zachary Quinto in full Spock makeup on set of the new Trek movie. Now, if you’re a Heroes fan, like I’ve become over the past month, you’re just going to see Sylar dressed as Spock so hopefully he’s been able to nail the voice and mannerisms of Nemoy or it might not work.

:November 10:
A site called JFX Online has the first photos from the set of Star Trek. They’re all extras, no stars, and they’re all in the parking lot covered with long blue coats to conceal what they’re wearing. So we have no idea what their uniforms look like. Will they be the bright colored shirts and black pants from TOS or will they be something between them and the overalls worn by the cast in Enterprise? Don’t know. What I would like to see is it start out with something in between then go to the classic TOS uniforms near the end of the picture.

:November 9:
And it seems to be Winona Ryder. The same way I can’t seen Simon Pegg as “Scotty”, I just can’t see her as anything in the Star Trek universe. She doesn’t fit. A bad choice in my opinion.

:November 8:
TrekMovie is reporting that 51-year-old actor Bruce Greenwood has been cast as Cpt. Christopher Pike in the upcoming movie.

I don’t know about this one. 51? He’s kind of old for the character. I know everything in this movie doesn’t have to match up perfectly with original show, but maybe someone a little younger. Also, I wanted Abrams to not cast all big names and turn it into a “insert star here” movie and that’s just what he did. And for that I give him credit. He could have went with an all star cast but he decided to with smaller names.

:October 18:
It’s been confirmed that Chris Pine has been cast as James T. Kirk and Karl Urban has been cast as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

So, that makes the official cast to date as such:
James Kirk – Chris Pine
Mr. Spock – Zachary Quinto & Leonard Nemoy
Dr. McCoy – Karl Urban
Uhura – Zoe Saldana
Pavel Checkov – Anton Yelchin
Hikaru Sulu – John Cho
Scotty – Simon Pegg
Nero – Eric Bana

With the roles of an unnamed Federation Captain, Captain Pike and Kirk parents to to be cast.

Is Shatner in or not? Who knows. I hope they do get him. He is Captain Kirk. And it seems the USS Enterprise may have a different design that what was in the original show. Not sure how I feel about that. You can’t just change the design of the ship. That wouldn’t be right. This isn’t like doing a remake of Bionic Woman or even Battlestar Glactica. This is Star Trek. No show has had as much impact on the world. But if they added a little more detail to make it pop, that would be fine.

:October 13:
Boy, News is coming fast lately. is reporting that New Zealand star, Karl Urban, is in talks to play Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. Nothing confirmed, only talks. I could see him in the role. I liked him in LOTR and Doom.

You can go here to get the full list of characters and actors in the movie.

:October 12:
Scotty & Sulu have been found. And I’m not sure about either one. First, Simon Pegg as Scotty. I loved him in Shaun Of The Dead. Great movie, but does he even look like he could play Scotty? They’re going to have to give him a fake tan and a black wig to wear. And John Cho as Sulu. Now, it’s time to get real geeky.

Although the film’s casting sheet called for a Japanese-American, Gene Roddenberry originally envisioned Sulu to be more of a general representative for Asia

We learned in the book The Entropy Effect that Sulu’s first name was Hikaru and then later it became a real part of Star Trek cannon in Star Trek IV. And Hikaru sounds Japanese to me.

:October 8: is reporting that the role of Captain Kirk may just go to actor Chris Pine. However, Pine is also in the running to star in a George Clooney movie at the same time. If he goes with Clooney over Trek, he’s a moron. Look at the Photoshopped image of Pine as Kirk. Not bad.

Also, it was reported earlier that Russell Crow could possibly play a villain in in the film. Not true. Eric Bana has been cast as the Romulan villain, Nero.

I have to say, this movie is starting to shape up nicely.

:September 28:
TrekMovie is reporting that Mike Vogel is in the running, and may be the front runner, to play the most famous Captain on television. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet. He’s the perfect age for the role. 28. That’s in the age range they want Kirk to be. Maybe. I don’t know.

And here’s something quite interesting.
IESB are reporting that the villain is to be a Romulan and that the plot involves Romulans going back in time to destroy Earth. has confirmed that elements of the original AICN rumor report are true (such as the inclusions of the Romulans and time-travel), however a source tells us that much of the original AICN story is still pure speculation. has picked up on a new plot element. We have previously reported that even though the film is not (as originally rumored) an ‘Academy Movie,’ it still will involve at least some scenes at the famed Starfleet Academy. can now confirm that one of those scenes will show James T. Kirk’s solution to the famous Kobayahsi Maru ‘no win scenario’ simulation (first described in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).

:September 18:
Some news. Finally. It was reported on Aug. 30 that model/acress Zoe Saldana was in talks to play Lt. Uhura. It now seems to be official.

:August 30:
The first bit of actual news in Aug. 8. Trek Movie is reporting that the new Trek movie may have it’s Uhura. A model/actress named Zoë Saldana. Never heard of her. Nothing official, but, as they state, they were the ones to break the Zackary Quinto as Spock news. They even have an image of what Saldana would look like as Uhura. Not bad. But I still like Sydney Tamiia Poitier better.

:August 25:
Not any real news, but it seems that Shatner may not be in the movie. But you have to take this for what it’s worth since nothing official has been announced and Shanter being Shatner.

Also, Zackary Quinto, who will play Mr. Spock, has stated that his Spock will be more emotional. Now when I first read that I was kind of upset. Mr. Spock doesn’t show emotion. Never really did, except on a few occasion later in his life, but then I read the part underneath the video.

Interesting highlight is that Quinto thinks his early Spock will be ‘more charged with the internal struggle’ of being half human and half Vulcan

Which actually makes perfect sense and may be a good dramatic element for the film to pursue.

:August 19:
Nothing new has come out about the movie, but Trek Movie has a piece up with the two Spocks, Nemoy and Quinto, taking to USA Today some may want to check out.

:August 12:
No movie news, just a couple of interviews some of you might like to read.
Brannon Braga
Johnathan Frankes & Brent Spiner

:August 8:
Three new pieces of news. Now, none of this is confirmed. Only rumor.

1) Paramount may be interested in having Russell Crow play a villain in the movie. I’d like to see that actually. Crow is a great actor.

2) Daughter of famed actor Syndey Poitier, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, has stated that she auditioned for J.J. Abrams for a role in the movie. Speculation on the site is that it is for Lt. Uhura. I’m certainly down for that. She’s hot. Might be a little too old, but I think she could pull it off.

3) And it appears that the character of Pavel Chekov will indeed be included.

Yes, I am excited about this movie. Can you tell?

:August 6:
There’s a rumor, that may have some merit, that Tom Cruise could make a cameo in the upcoming Star Trek movie as Captain Christopher Pike. For you non-Trekkers, Pike was the captain of the Enterprise before Kirk. I don’t think it’s a bad casting choice, but I just don’t think Cruise could fit into a Starfleet uniform without looking totally out of place.

:July 26:
Today at Comicon it was made official that someone named Zackary Quinto will play a young Mr. Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie. What was also made official is that Leonard Nemoy will also reprise his role as Mr. Spock and that they are trying to find a way for Shatner to reprise his role as Kirk. Though no casing of a young Kirk as of yet. As long as it’s not a big name star. Also released today was a new teaser poster for the movie.

If you read the comments on that first link, someone called MP wants Jamie Bamber to play young Kirk. For those that don’t know, Bamber plays Captain Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama on Battlestar Galactica. I could see him as Kirk. He’s not a big name star and he’s well known by Sci Fi fans. I think that’s a damn good suggestion.

:March 1:
I don’t usually post things like this on this blog, but I thought I would today because it might interest Silke. It’s being rumored that in the upcoming Star Trek XI the “big three”, Cpt, Kirk, Mr. Spock & Dr. McCoy, will be played by Matt Damon for Kirk, Adrian Brody for Spock and Gary Sinise for Bones. Sinise maybe, even though he’s a little too old. This takes place, I think, ten years before the show. But Damon and Brody? God forbid. Matt Damon is a horrible actor and Brody’s just… I don’t know, but he’ ain’t Spock. I would rather see them cast unknowns. Except maybe Hallie Berry as Uhura. Don’t make this a star movie. Make it a Star Trek movie.

Honestly, I didn’t even know I was doing that pun until it was already down.

11 Responses to Star Trek Movie News

  1. William Teach August 8, 2007 at 6:01 pm #

    God help us all!

  2. Indian Chris August 8, 2007 at 8:26 pm #

    See, I don’t know. Like I said in the post, I don’t think it’s a bad choice for a cameo but I just can’t see Cruise in a Starfleet uniform. I’d have to laugh at it.

  3. Greta August 9, 2007 at 4:42 am #

    OK dork – hehehehe

  4. Indian Chris August 9, 2007 at 8:28 am #

    No. It’s geek. A dork is a nerd.

  5. Silke August 9, 2007 at 3:32 pm #

    I love Russell Crow but would hate to see him cast as a villain. Maybe he should play CPT Pike. Cool stuff, Chris!

  6. Indian Chris August 9, 2007 at 9:22 pm #

    I could see Crow as Captain/Fleet Captain Pike. He has that leadership look to him. He was great in Master & Commander. He even looks a little like Jeff Hunter. But it always, for me at least, comes down to what they would look like the Starfleet uniform. Would they look heroic or ridiculous? Cruise would look ridiculous and Crow could possibly pull it off. Here’s a small look at the type of uniform he would maybe have to wear. Although I’m not sure if that the actual uniform of a Fleet Captain or just his civilian clothes.

  7. Greta September 18, 2007 at 4:19 pm #

    Do I need to learn to speak Vulcan now?

  8. Indian Chris September 18, 2007 at 4:58 pm #

    Ina. At least not yet. But in a years time when the movie comes out…?

  9. Patrick September 29, 2007 at 9:10 pm #

    As a huge Trek fan I can already say…..I’ll be disappointed. The whole “prequel” thing is a proven failure in most every example I can think of including the horrendous Enterprise fiasco.

    Tis my belief they should have gone for a DS9 flick. They could have had characters from any/all of the previous Treks (sep the aforementioned idiotic Enterprise) passing through the station. Maybe even making a deal with the Borg to save humans from species 8472 from Voyager as a plot line.

    Perhaps even having the mighty Captain Sisko poking his head from the wormhole to help.

    Prequal…..bah bloody humbug.

  10. rolrolpasac November 16, 2007 at 7:37 am #



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