Me & Carson Daly

Update: Military Support non-profits get some PR!!!

Update: Carson’s last Tweet to me and mine to him!
@kissmygumbo and i will email you later (private) so we can strategize TOGETHER!! have a great one. best to all @soldiersangels too

@carsonjdaly Angel hugs to you!!! Thanks for making a difference to our men and women in uniform and our Veterans!

Update: For the record, this is not about me! This is about supporting the troops – PERIOD!!!!

Yours truly got into a little Twitter scrap with Carson Daly last night. Well, not really a scrap…just a little of, “Hey – that was my brain child. How are you taking credit for it?” Now most of you know I do not draw any form of income, but instead have pretty much dedicated my life to my now retired military family (kids still need supervision) and volunteering with Soldiers’ Angels while trying to break into the New Orleans media scene. I do my military support work because it is my passion. A few weeks ago, I e-mailed my friend JP of and asked him what he thought about my #milmonday idea (read his full take on this including published emails I sent him). JP, in his “move forward take no prisoners way” went ahead and started it immediately and it seems to be working. In the Twitter world that means that people are recognizing other military on Twitter as well as causes.

To make a long story longer, Carson started #MilitaryMonday yesterday and with his celebrity power got instant recognition for this. No biggie, but myself and several Twitterers called him on it. I told him as long as he helped with PR for Soldiers’ Angels, we are cool. He has my e-mail and says he will contact me. Carson, if you are reading this, my demands are fairly reasonable and thank goodness you messed with a nice person who only cares about the troops as do you:)

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