James O’Keefe exposes ACORN helping a pimp and prostitute get a house for child prostitution. Watch Glenn Beck tonight for more on this.

ACORN fires the two women shown in the video helping the two undercover journalists start a house of prostitution for underage children.

9 Responses to “How To Break The Law With The Help Of ACORN”

  • Why do you still believe anything and everything Beck has to say? Do you at least try to fact-check him before you propagate his nonsense?

  • “Do you at least try to fact-check him before you propagate his nonsense?”

    Do you listen to what he has to say and check it out before you conclude it’s nonsense? You know this cuts both ways bro.

  • Did you watch the video? The two ACORN workers told them how to circumvent the IRS. “Don’t file”. Knew that the house they wanted was for prostitution and told them to file their “business” under a different name, though it escapes me at the moment what it was. And that the girls they were bringing over illegally from South America were underage and were going to be used for prostitution. “I’m not hearing this. I’m not hearing this”. Honestly, I’m not sure what you’re bitching about this time. Yeah, you hate Beck. Get over it. And it’s not Beck. It’s a man named James O’Keefe and the young lady, who’s name also escapes me as well. But I’m sure they were under orders from Fox and Beck to this.

  • Of course he didn’t watch it. Liberals never do. But, they just instinctively know how mean and evil folks like Beck are without ever watching.

    It’s like the reviews of conservative books at Amazon. First they say they didn’t read the book, but, they just know it is mean and evil.

    Of course, the DUmmies think it was all a setup: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=102×4054553

  • No, I haven’t watched the video, but only because it’s blocked at work. My comment on being sure you fact-check Beck comes from seeing him debunked time after time. Eventually, a pattern emerges.

  • Of course, the DUmmies think it was all a setup:

    What was not a setup about it? Did O’Keefe and Giles not pose as a prostitute and a pimp? ACORN claims they tried this at other offices as well.


  • What was not a setup about it?
    Oh no. Let’s arrest these two. Because that’s the real story. Not that these two women where helping them get a house to be used for child prostitution and didn’t turn them in to the authorities and to get around those pesky tax laws while they were at it. No, the real story is that they were set up. “The bitch set us up”. For 8 years, whistle blowing was a good thing. They were heroes. Wonder why it’s changed?

    ACORN claims they tried this at other offices as well.
    Which is a lie. From James O’Keefe himself. “ACORN claims”. That should have been your first clue.

  • Okay, I was finally able to watch the videos, and all I can say is that this looks very bad. I certainly hope this is not the advice that ACORN employees would normally give.

  • The problem is, these kinds of allegations against ACORN are anything but abnormal. Time and time again, they are caught doing bad things. If they weren’t a darling organization of the Democrats, the FBI would be going after them like they did the mafia.


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