Military faker: Blumenthal

It seems there is an ongoing parade of one after the other of military imposters… frauds. I just don’t get why people would lie about their service. Please help me understand!!! So Dick Blumenthal is winning in polls in the Connecticut Senate race to replace the retired Chris Dodd. Dick is ahead of the Republican challengers and *bam* the bombshell comes out that he never even was in Vietnam like he previously stated! Seriously, like why hadn’t this ever came out before? I’m shocked. Veterans organizations are usually pitbulls regarding this. He must be a real good liar is all I can say. And how does someone think they are going to run for public office and lie to the people like this without it eventually being found out? Did Blumenthal actually believe his lie over time??? Hot Air has all the specifics about what he has said in the past about here.

I’m going to list several garden varieties of fakers:

* Fakers who blatantly say they served overseas in wartime but were stationed stateside.
* Fakers who make up a military career in its’ entirety and never served.
* Fakers who never correct someone who thinks they served overseas during wartime even though they did serve stateside.
* Fakers who wear decorated uniforms in public though they never served.
* Fakers who wear decorated uniforms in public even though they served but did not achieve that rank or decorations they wear.
* Fakers who claim to have earned a specific distinguished medal they did not, but otherwise served reputably.
* Fakers who were awarded medals they truly did not deserve.

Regardless of which category you deem worse, this is all stolen valor! There is at least a law in place for stolen valor since 2005. Hopefully these dirtbags all get called to the carpet and serve a little time. These fakers are all disgraceful and appalling and an insult the men and women who honorably served. Shame on all of them!

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3 Responses to Military faker: Blumenthal

  1. Christopher Lee May 18, 2010 at 8:14 am #

    I can’t speak as to why others would lie about serving, but Blumenthal did it because of power. He wanted power, and then when he got it he didn’t want to lose it. That, sadly, is what our government has become. Power hungry dopes(thought I’d keep it clean) that will do and say anything to obtain and keep said power. He saw that a heroes record could help him and the ran with it.

  2. Bunny Colvin June 2, 2010 at 7:57 pm #

    Care to comment on military faker Mark Kirk? Or is it only disgraceful when a Democrat does it?

  3. Bunny Colvin June 2, 2010 at 9:41 pm #

    It is obvious that Kirk lied to better his chance of getting elected. He wants power too. But I see no mention of his fraudulent claims despite the fact that the story is all over the news. Kirk’s false claim was very similar to Blumenthal’s. Outraged yet?

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