Technology for Heroes

Have you ever tried to type on your computer with a cut on your finger?

Do you sometimes find yourself shifting your computer typing position because your wrist is starting to hurt?

Do you use the internet as a huge source of communication between your friends and family?

Now imagine you were fighting for our country and find yourself in a hospital with one hand bandaged and one missing. Your body is healing and all you want to do is communicate like you have done in the past with your friends. But the friends you really want to communicate with are still overseas fighting while your family is by your side. Now imagine how nice it would be and what a benefit to your mental well-being if you were given a brand new laptop equipped with voice-activated software? That is what Project Valour-IT does. You can donate from the right sidebar widget or here.

Having met many wounded heroes over the years, I can assure you they are not looking for pity. But sometimes, a caring gesture from ordinary Americans who remind them that what they did was appreciated goes further than you and I can ever imagine. Wouldn’t it warm your heart this year if you could help change a heroes life?

Every year, people on the internet gather into teams to draw awareness to the program called Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT. This year we are divided in to 4 teams by branch and encourage friendly banter to see which branch can raise the most money. In the end, the money all goes into the same pot. Your donation of as little as $5 (give up a latte’) to the team of your choice or the general fund, will go 100% towards the purchase and delivery of technology to our wounded heroes.

Here are some of the average costs of items purchased.
laptop $800.00
WII $200.00
GPS $200
Ipad $400.00

Though we are on team Army here at Hooah Wife, the only thing we care about is that you try and contribute or at least spread the word if you do not have the financial resources to help otherwise. Thank you ahead of time as I have seen the smile of a face of a hero who receives this gift. I wish I could put that moment into words.

As of last night, the current totals can be seen in the chart below. This fundraiser ends on Veteran’s Day, November 11th but contributions can be made throughout the year to the dedicated fund.

Again, you can donate from the right sidebar widget or here.

Thanks again and HOOAH!

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