The Sixth Annual Milblog Conference was great!

Got back last evening from the Sixth Annual Milblog Conference and I think it was the best one I’ve attended thus far! (I think I might say that every time I attend,lol, but seriously..great panels this year,I learned a lot and IMHO Andi ,and and did an Awesome job once again!)

Donald Rumsfeld’s talk opened the conference,very good talk, and the Social Media and the Military panel that followed after that was just great! LTC William Caldwell spoke to the conference from Aghanistan, and you can check out the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan LINK for more about what they are doing over there. The Gold Star Families panel was extremely moving and meaningful. Two members of the House Armed Services committee spoke, one via tape and one live, and that was very interesting. The last panel, War and Film, was also very good (and made me wish I could attend the GI Film Festival next weekend in DC, but alas, that won’t be possible )

If you want to view the panels for yourself? the great folks at YouServed once again livestreamed them, and the videos from that are available at this LINK

As always, of course, there’s a lot of networking going on behind the scenes and during breaks..I always miss the Friday night events, as I never go up till the day of the conference panels to attend, but I still had a chance to see old friends and be introduced to some new bloggers worth checking out, and meet new friends:)

The Milblog Conference is always well worth attending, and if you haven’t done so before, think about trying to go next year!

And.. Congratulations! to the 2011 Milbloggie Winners !

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