Pinterest is the newest trendy time waster/black hole on the internet. I have to limit myself to 10 minute intervals as a reward to myself. I’ve always given credit, where credit is due, and once again give some to the Army. As more and more (mostly females) enter the Pinterest world, people like me and other companies, are trying to figure out how it works as a marketing tool.. Bing bing bing and a Hooah! as the Army gets it! The Army has always understood that Moms are the key to recruiting and slowly woke up to the fact that they also need to keep the Milspouses and Milparents happy too. Hence, catering to the women out there on Pinterest is an great marketing strategy. Also, what a better tool to share warm fuzzy photos for public relations than on this platform?

You can read more about it here.

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Update – looks like JP over at Milblogging was already on this (he never sleeps I am convinced) with this link.

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