Military Spouses: Careers

There is no question that being a military spouse poses many challenges – juggling a career can be one of them. Until the age social networking, knowing and connecting with a military spouse with a career was a rarity. Moving around often, leaves many spouses too frustrated and unemployable for one reason or the other. Even those spouses with degrees who already started careers prior to “marrying the military” found it difficult to re-invent themselves repeatedly on each move. Think about this example, as a teacher I had to go through the testing in each state to gain full credentials. Things have changed a bit over the years with the military offering less frequent moves and the opportunities for spouses to find ‘virtual” employment or keep their chosen field current through the internet being readily available.

When I started my company in 2010, I was hired by Sue Hoppin to help create some of the back end web stuff for her unique idea of pulling military spouses with careers together to network and learn from each other. National Military Spouse Network (NMSN) was born and with CEO and super-woman Sue at the helm, there was no question it would be a successful venture. This month, I was honored to have an article featured, called, “Developing a Web Presence Development,” (which you need to be a member to read). Some days I wish I lived closer to DC (but I love NOLA), so I could attend some of the fabulous events she has run. Thankfully, she now runs them other places as well… (need to get her to New Orleans again soon) and she also runs many virtual opportunities as well. I am their “Social Media Expert,” which is a huge honor as the group of experts Sue has attained for this group is overwhelmingly amazing.

There is no question that military spouses are some of the most committed and hard working women out there, facing many challenges and overcoming many obstacles with the blink of an eye. If you are an employer, consider hiring one! If you want to connect to other milspouses in business, I strongly suggest you check out NMSN! They also have an amazing Facebook page that I encourage all to “like.”

Side note: I’ll tell you this, my husband may be retired now, but being a military spouse all those years, made me who I am in the business world, today. Without regret, I gave up my original career path to raise my kids and move around with him. With the kids being older and us staying put now, I can only be thankful for my time as a milspouse. It truly prepared me to be so committed and dedicated to my clients and chosen profession. Life brings us lots of unexpected surprises and is an exciting journey. At 44, it feels good to finally be settled! No regrets…up and onward my friends!

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