Reflections on The Fisher House

I make it a point these days, to not endorse any particular military non-profits. There are just too many great ones out there doing such fabulous work. People always ask me what the “good ones” are and my response is usually a list followed by my advice for them to do their homework to see which one best fits them. That being said, I normally do not blog about personal things (especially about my kids), but prefer to share information or write opinions. However, this morning I was thinking about how awesome it is that my middle child (#2 lol) is now taller than me and in 9th grade and 14. The first three years of his life were an absolute medical rollercoaster. He was the “enigma” case for Kansas hospitals when we were stationed at Ft. Leavenworth and San Antonio and Temple, TX hospitals when we were stationed at Ft. Hood. Basically, he did not eat for 3 years and had a feeding tube. We finally got him a stomach surgery and his tonsils and adenoids removed and he started eating on his own. We never had another problem and he was deemed a bizarre case of silent reflux and possibly an overly sensitive palate.

Anyhoo….on to the Fisher House. When we were stationed at Ft. Hood, one of the “wifely” things to do was to have events at the Fisher House and also stock their refrigerators. Who knew that I would soon get to stay at one? We were blessed with friends stationed in San Antonio who we stayed with when he was being treated at Wilford Hall. However, before they arrived, I needed to stay a few days with him for some procedures. So my little guy and I set forth for an adventure at the Fisher House in San Antonio. Now this was quite a few years ago, but to this day I have nothing but warm and inviting memories from the few days we stayed there while he underwent some not so wonderful tests. You are not obligated to pay for your stay, but we were fortunate to be in the position to do so at the time. I even recall buying something on their wishlist when we returned home. The Fisher House will always have a special place in my heart, not for just what they offered my son and I during a tough time, but from the foundation and purpose on which they exist.

Their mission is one you should find out about more to see if they are an organization you would like to support either on a local level or by donations.

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