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I (Greta) started this blog in 2004 as soon as I heard my husband was heading over to Iraq. I figured it would be good for me, my friends & family & the rest of the world to get a peek into the home of a soldier. Shortly after he returned from the Sandbox – he headed off to New Orleans for a short deployment (10 weeks) after the hurricanes. My husband retired in 2006, after 21 years of service. I also run a New Orleans themed blog Kiss My Gumbo.

Silke: When I wanted to leave town for a vacation, I encouraged my long time friend Silke to guest blog for me. Her husband was in Iraq & she is soooo smart! She got hooked & has stuck with me.

Indian Chris: I have been blogging with him since I started my blog. I love his sense of style, what he has to say & he became a daily read. When I needed technical help, he was my go to guy, so I welcomed him to start contributing and he took my offer up. He still maintains his own blog and I am honored that he sticks with me! We still have never met in person & I look forward to that in the near future.

Brainhell: He started visiting my blog & loved to debate. Silke always enjoyed debating with him. He stated at one point that he doesn’t visit the same blog twice but usually hops around. Somehow, he was drawn to my blog. He asked me if he could become part of my unpaid help and was floored when I answered yes! Hence the Brainhell experiment! He maintained his own blog at where he writes about his personal stuff and his life with ALS. He has since passed on.

Kathi is an old internet friend and we have since met in person. She is an amazing troop supporter with a military family. She also maintains her own blog.

I welcome the birth of Hooah Wife & Friends! Not a typical blog – matter of fact, anything but typical or boring!

“Hooah Wife and Friends is a sassy mix of wit, intelligence, sarcasm and poignancy. They tackle political and other issues of the day with a rare mix of variety and spontaneity that you won’t find from a single authored blog. You might laugh, you might get mad or you might learn something, but in the end you’ll be provoked!”

~~Amy Proctor~~


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Wednesday Hero was started in 2005 to honor the Men and Women of the United States Military. To let people know who was fighting, and dying, for them.

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