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Hooah Wife and Friends needed to upgrade their WordPress, so might as well go for a new look altogether. I called on my old friend and cracker-jack designer Tammy. We went for the thesis template, which is rated one of the best out there. Then there was the artwork…hmmm…. The last photo we used from from the artist Shag. This time I wanted something brand new. I called on my 2 favorite artist-friends and they both said YES!!! Many thanks to my brilliant friend Don Stewart of DS Art for creating the header lettering for Hooah Wife and Friends (the star makes it look kind of Army official). He also created the mask icon for my other blog Kiss My Gumbo.Then there is my pal Damon Shackelford of the military comics Delta Bravo Sierra and Cassidy House Gallery. I asked for a pinup and I got a classy lady and love her to death!!! I also love retro stuff and this old photo works perfectly. I can never thank these artists enough for creating special things just for me!


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Wednesday Hero

Wednesday Hero was started in 2005 to honor the Men and Women of the United States Military. To let people know who was fighting, and dying, for them.

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