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Seeking new milblogger for HW&F

Why not? This is a great established blog and we have a wonderful community of commenters. We would prefer someone new to the world of blogging who is not sure if they want to do this or not. The only requirement is that they have some attachment or interest in the military and write about […]

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Lookie what came today

The most wonderful package arrived at my doorstep today (coincidentally on my birthday). Soldiers’ Angels (over 900 waiting for adoption right now) Operation Overseas Mardi Gras was such a huge success this year that the news articles and pictures keep rolling in thanks to so many wonderful people as far away as Germany. The package […]

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Wives of Retirees

A lot of things written on this blog are to support active duty wives (spouses) and/or significant others. The other day I started thinking about all the transition difficulties that we’ve faced as a family into civilian life. Wives of a military retirees (we are not old), wondering what topics you think are worth tackling? […]

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I Love a Man in Uniform

The new required reading for all military wives and for those who want to peek into our culture has arrived. Hooah! to Lily Burana for penning her memoir with veritable candor regarding her observations, thoughts and experiences as she becomes engulfed in the military wife culture. She managed to capture the world I lived in […]

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Oxygen Therapy for TBI

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is some very promising treatment for our men and women in uniform suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Treatments are actually being conducted in New Orleans for some of our heroes and let’s wish them the best! c/p at Soldiers’ Angels LA

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