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Wednesday Hero

Category: Christopher Lee, Wednesday Hero Date: 3 December 2014 07:00

Wednesday Hero will be on hiatus for awhile. I have some personal things to take care of and I won’t be able to do them. They should return in January. Music Monday will be posting, as they’ve already been written out.

Music Monday

Category: Christmas, Christopher Lee, Music Date: 1 December 2014 08:00

Barenaked Ladies f/ Sarah McLachlan – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Wednesday Hero

Category: Afghanistan, Air Force, Christopher Lee, Military, War On Terror, Wednesday Hero Date: 26 November 2014 07:00

Cpt. Nathan J. Nylander 35 years old fromHockley, Texas 438th Expeditionary Wing Jan. 23, 1976 – Apr. 27, 2011

Music Monday

Category: Christopher Lee, Music Date: 24 November 2014 08:00

Iron Maiden – Total Eclipse

Wednesday Hero

Category: Air Force, Christopher Lee, Military, Veterans, Wednesday Hero Date: 19 November 2014 07:00

This post was suggested by Michael Col. Frank Kurtz 85 years old from Los Angeles, California September 9, 1911 – October 31, 1996

Music Monday

Category: Christopher Lee, Music Date: 17 November 2014 08:00

Metallica – One

My Baby Is Crying

Category: Military Date: 12 November 2014 14:24

When your son is a combat veteran with PTSD   The Beginning Twenty six years ago I was presented with a perfectly beautiful baby. He had huge blue eyes, satiny skin, and a way of tucking his hands under his chin that melted my heart. As he grew, he became a boisterous, giggling dervish who […]

Wednesday Hero

Category: Army, Christopher Lee, Military, War On Terror, Wednesday Hero Date: 12 November 2014 07:00

SSgt. Michael Pate 31 years old from Austin, Texas Civil Affairs Team 611


Suicide Prevention Lifeline Veterans Press "1"

Wednesday Hero

Wednesday Hero was started in 2005 to honor the Men and Women of the United States Military. To let people know who was fighting, and dying, for them.

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