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  • Greta Perry has a career born of her love of new media and intuitive use of technology. Her intent is to provide professional on-line development services to businesses of all sizes. These services will enable those businesses to have the basic tools and training to become truly competitive in the on-line world.

    Greta’s background makes her superbly qualified to provide what any business interested in developing their on-line presence requires. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Maine. During her many moves around the U.S as a military wife, she became a professional volunteer, mostly in leadership positions that involved her use of technology and new media. Greta has also spent countless hours in the military non-profit world using her communication skills, both on and off the computer, to achieve positive results. From January of 2010 through January 2012, she was the co-owner of a social media consulting firm. Setting new goals in her life, she decided to launch her own company, GP Online Media on February 1, 2012, with the creation of Kickify, while also bringing her blogs under her parent company umbrella.

    She jumped into the Milblog (Military Blog) scene with the creation in 2004 of “Hooah Wife (now Hooah Wife & Friends),” which grew in such proportion that a number of individuals now maintain it. In 2007 Greta created the local blog “Kiss My Gumbo,” which was carried on and continues to provide local news, insights as well as personal commentary and current events. She is the co-creator of the popular Twitter hashtag #militarymon with Carson Daly; which is recognized by the DOD.

    Greta is a former professional organizer, freelance writer, radio talk show hostess, teacher, athletic trainer, has contributed to more on-line communities and blogs than she can recall and made viral videos for a large website. She knows all her past experiences and education have prepared her to become a successful business owner. Greta is now a permanent resident in Mandeville, LA with her husband (military retired), 3 children (15, 13 & 11) and pets (1 dog, 4 cats).

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